Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Havent Posted in a Long Time...

I feel kinda bad. And I've been wanting to do more playlists, but I'm too lazy. I'll probably get one up by next week, I guess.

School has been HORRIBLE. I suck at Math, I don't get Science (shocker), and I'm basically failing my elective because I always forget to feed my beautiful fish...

I've decided to get back to AIM. I haven't been on since last year or sometime before that. But don't expect to be on all the time. It's on Sophia's laptop.

And I decided to join another tennis program! It's run by the same people that ran the summer camp I went to, but Frank's no teaching us this time :(
I did see him last Sunday, though, but he had private lessons. And he asked about Ariane :)
I didn't get to see Dave yet.

So, yeah. Nothing really exciting going on in my life...
Just trying to get throught my middle and high school career. Then I can be as free as a bird!!!!

Bwinda :)


Ari said...

Hey, ur fish is named Speed, right? I hope u didn't name it after the drug... Anyway, good luck with school and being "free as a bird". I suggest that u don't attempt to fly though, but u can experiment if u really want to.
~Nerdette Ari (I'm smirking again as I type this) ;)

Bwinda!!!!! said...

shut up.