Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ello, Poppets!!!!! OMIGOD, iwannagotoanimefest!!!


Good morning, this is Nerdette Ari speaking, proclaiming that she really freaking wants to go to the NY Animé Festival. How nerdy is that, right?

I mean, she even promised herself that she's gonna walk around all day with her costume on. IT'S GONNA BE SO FRIGGIN' FUN!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

But that's only if she can actually cough up the money (because like it or not, there WILL be excessive spending) and if she can get her mom to let her go. :'-(

This is bordering on superfluously nerdy already!!!

So we're gonna try to make this work, me and my third-person speaking self. For more information on the NY Animé Festival if you're interested, click here (and no, this isn't subliminal advertising! How could you EVER accuse me of that?!?!?!).

In less ecstatic-sounding news...

School started, yeah, and it's not all that bad--

HOLY #@*&, DID I MENTION The Beatles: Rock Band CAME OUT?!?!?!

We talked about it in Social Studies on 9.9.09 and then the teacher gave us an extremely detailed history of The Beatles(!!!!!!!!!!!) that I'm forever grateful for. It was pretty enlightening.

Sadly, I won't be purchasing said Beatles-themed item because I don't own a game console (T_T), but I'm happy for it all the same. Um... what we're we talkin' about again?

As a nerd, I obviously don't think school's a waste of our time, but it's definitely not what I'd rather be doing 6+ hours of my day, so fellow nerds out there, I suggest this for you:

No matter what class environment you're in, no matter what teacher you have, just be present and be yourself. Don't let the kids or the teacher bring you down, just answer a question or two when you've got something to say. And although that may seem vague, that's all I've got to say.

So dream on, Nerdettes. Sing for the years. Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears. (Yes that was a reference to Aerosmith)

Oh, and if the post seems real long, that's because I pressed the Enter key about a million times. XD

~Nerdette Ari (bids you farewell, speaking in third-person once again)

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's September? Shen me?!?!?!?!?!?!

That's "what" in Chinese. Here are the characters: 什么= shen me="what"

Isn't that so friggin' cooooooooooooooool??? I CAN TYPE IN CHINESE NOW!!!!!!!!! And yeah, while it may be true that really anyone could go to Babelfish and translate into characters, I actually spent 6 weeks of my summer in a classroom absorbing a foreign language!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't I get some sorta credit for that?

So summer was great as usual. I watched more movies than my shriveled-up brain (It dried up from too many hours of computer use) can possibly recall. But before that happened, it was happily stimulated from the Chinese classes, puzzled by the subway system, and blissfully relaxed through unlimited iPod use (Btw, I just got some sick new ska* songs!!!!!!!!).

But the Really Pressing Question here is this:

How was YOUR summer?????????

Hope YOUR summer was as totally beneficial to you as mine was to me. As John Lennon (w00t!) says, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans," and that's sorta what happened to me this summer, cuz I'm pretty sure I changed while I was in the middle of all the classes and going to places and listening to people; I changed as a person (in a good way; I think I know who I am better).

So if you get a chance, leave the answer to THE most pressing question (How was YOUR summer?) in the comments (That means you too, Bwinda!!!). AND NOW, here's the result of me drumming on the keyboard during a song:


Randomocity! I hope I still got it! Also, if anyone wants to usurp The Queen of Randomocity (that's me :P), the challenge is WIDE OPEN. (That's nerd for "BRING IT!!!")

~Nerdette Ari

*Ska is a genre of music that sounds a bit like reggae, featuring upbeat guitar + trumpets. I do love the trumpets!!!