Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Oddity of the Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And today's Random Oddity of the Day is...
  • Pepper spray, when being sold at a guns and ammo store, can be sold for $12.99!!!!!!!!!
I mean, what a rip-off!!!!!!!!!! The tiny, idiot-failure-proof spray bottle only contains 10 one-second sprays (and by "idiot-failure-proof" I mean that the "complex mechanism" prevents you from doing something stupid like accidentally making it go off in your purse or pocket. It will not, however, stop you from spraying yourself in the face, as that would have to be due to the fact that you a) had aimed it at your face, b) had lifted the safety cover, and c) pressed the glaringly large red button while deliberately pointing the nozzle at yourself)!! This means that one can easily spray the whole bottle within 10 seconds at the perv (or "assailant," in more politically correct terms) and pay $13 just for that. 'Nuf said.

Bonus Random Oddity of the Day!!!!!!!!!!!:

  • You sign something saying that you don't have a criminal record in order to buy pepper spray. Plus, you have to show your driver's license.
Yet apparently, you can own a paintball gun and shoot frozen paintballs at people and their cars on Halloween as you please. 'Nuf said.

So yeah, iT's SuMmEr and I'm going to a 6-week program in order to learn the basics of Mandarin Chinese and Chinese culture so that I might bridge the gap between the U.S. and China in my successful future career!! I'm gonna miss you Blinda. Je vais te manquer! I'll also miss tennis with Frank and even Bruce and that lady who made you run all the time. Promise we'll practice a lot in the grueling heat of summer!!!

And now it's time for the part of post where Ari blurts all the going-ons in her brain out into a text-format blurb on the blog:

I have "Pieces of Me" by Ashlee Simpson stuck in my head. Nowadays I get "Don't Stop Believing" stuck in my head cuz it's so super-catchy and it's the anthem of this generation. The other day I got the Hustle stuck in my head; you know, the part that goes

do-do-do-do-do-do-do do-doo, do-do-do-do-do-do-do do-doo, do-do-do-do-do-do-do doo

Gaia online is the best website EVER. I'm reading Inherit the Wind which is an awesome-mazing book. It's well-written and really interesting and is written as a play. It's a great book for intellectuals (i.e. It's a great book for nerds!) because it's got really good lines and makes you question your (and others') moral beliefs. And it's historical fiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guten nacht,

~Nerdette Ari

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Not-so-amazing, But Amazing Anyway!!

It's amazing that the school year ends in 2 days. I mean, I know everyone keeps saying that and the fact that time passes is a given, but now it's like the school year ended so fast. Anyone else astounded that it's June already??? Including you Blinda; I know you're super-super-happy about the freedom of summer. :D

YEAH!!!!!!!! SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy summer, everybody; hope this year was a good one! Hope the next months are full of orange juice, bike riding, aquariums, a 6-week program in Mandarin Chinese, and tons and tons of chlorine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. Please comment if you've got any music artist suggestions for this summer. I like any and all good music. ;)

P.P.S. I'm almost done with The Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson and I think it's a really good book. It's really real and there are some really funny lines, but why the hell did Steve have to go and end it with Nina?!?! XD

~Ari Ze nerd is outta here

Monday, June 1, 2009

Nerdism, Part II (With Some Bonus Features!!!)

Sorry this is getting posted about half a month after the first one. XD Contrary to popular belief, I do have somewhat of a life (Got mine off eBay for cheap, boi!!)

I know that the privilege of being a nerd is almost way too much for most of us to handle. But after we finally get over the fact that we're made of awesome (referring to us nerdfighters, of course), how many of us have decided what to do with our awesome??? Boy, do I have the solution for you! It's...


Jk. XD

There's this fabulous concept forming in the minds of certain nerds and nerd-assisters and that is:

The SAPAFR Nerd Revolution!!! (The acronym will be elaborated on at a later date)

All you need to know about the SAPAFR Nerd Revolution is that, in the near future, nerds around the globe will combine their efforts in the creation of a massive wave of nerd technology and culture that will make all objects on Earth that do not support nerdism obsolete.

Translation: We're gonna invent some microscopic bombs (with built-in artifical intelligence, of course) that will fly into the ears of stupid people (ex: George W. Bush ;)) and implode in their minds, eliminating all unwanted threats to humans and nerds alike. Of course, we will scientifically determine which people around the world are stupid enough to destroy, plus, this method is so ingenius, no one will be able to figure out (let alone prevent) their cause of death!!!

Honestly, if civil rights and youth have their own movement, I think nerds should [legally] be entitled to one too. XD

Much thanks to Vicky for co-devising this brilliant plan!!!!!!!!B!!!!!Meyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!is!!!!the!!!!!!!!!!!!sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pimp!!!!!!!

C'mon nerdfighteria, tell us what you think (This includes you, Blinda, as you contribute nothing else to this blog because the other aspects of your life are Oh Soooo Important)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

~Nerdette Ari (now has the song "eBay" by Weird Al stuck in her head)
P.S. Yes, I know I capitalize and de-capitalize (Is that a word?) the word directly following my parentheses inconsistently, but this is the sorta stuff they just don't teach you in English. :(