Sunday, October 24, 2010

I like coffee, I like tea..

This post is for the fellow Waldorf classmates who taught me the Ahchi-Kachi Liberace hand game. I know I saw some (though not all) of you on Saturday, but surprisingly the most inviting of all my former Waldorfian classmates was Aaron, who is over 6' tall, still breakdances, and is a guy of all things. ;0 It was good to meet new Waldorfians, and greet old ones (although Ms. Hart is the farthest from old at heart and I met a harmonica/guitar-playing college freshman, who I personally consider young as far as age goes).

Glad to be done with that godd*@n French project, but now need to study for AP Bio and practice. DOES IT EVER END???

Here's the practical answer: Not if I want to get into college =(

That's pretty much the reason I'm blogging. I need an ESCAPE from the shitloads of work to be done. (Excuse the expression) Also on my list of needs: more self-control :(

So that means I'm done for today and seriously need to go do something productive now. But maybe I'll get some coffee or tea before I do... this is how it all starts, isn't it? ("it" refers to procrastination, BLEH)

~Nerdette Ari

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

jAsOn MrAz

must be the human being with highest level of consciousness I have ever encountered so far in my life. However, I have never encountered him in real life, only vicariously through the Internet, but meeting and/or marrying him is definitely on my Bucket List. Jason Mraz just came out with an EP album--my fave song is definitely "Up." Coincidentally, that's also the title of a Pixar (*squee!!!!*) movie. Check out the album here.

~I is a human and humans must sleep. TTY in a while, crocodile. Nerdette Ari. <3 Sh*t, my mom's coming home; byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye!!!