Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It really just can't decide whether it wants to rain or not

So I'm stuck in the house.

I should've gotten myself dinner half an hour ago, but the heat is too oppressive for physical exertion.

I also have a Yorkshire Terrier in my lap.

As I type this blog post in the stifling humidity, I have no idea what to write about (rather, complain to you about), aside from the brain-melting conditions that surround me.

Except the fact that this t-shirt reminded me of Blinda:

Click here for link 2 Threadless Tees

I really shouldn't be wasting precious time in front of the computer, especially since the main AC unit is down and sitting one place for an hour has not been particularly comfortable, but I just did some research on green universities (nerd that I am).

AND, I found the sweetest, most soft and cutesy romantic music you'll ever hear from the 21st century: Click here for Zee Avi's amazing music album !!

I was supposed to be Sparknotes-ing the The Great Gatsby, but after that I kinda got sidetracked...

Like I am getting now. SO, there are apparently a bunch of colleges that specialize in environmental subjects like sustainability. One offers a degree in human ecology and is located on an island in Maine. UC Berkeley's College of Natural resources says they're "a community of natural and social scientists working together to improve the quality of our environment" whose mission is " advance our knowledge and understanding of natural resource systems in order to develop innovative solutions to complex environmental challenges." And they have so many courses at USC under the general name "sustainability"--more than 40 to be exact. Many of them claim their environmental programs are awesome, but after reading the mission statements of the last couple, it's like they're all saying the same thing. I don't even know what I want to do with my life; IF I do so choose to go into environmental science, how will I know which colleges to go for?!?!?!?!?!

Sorry for that slightly melodramatic interjection there. Here comes another one: I just looked out the window. It's pouring!!!!! K, it's definitely time for dinner now. I really hope that stating my flaws will help me develop effective solutions toward bettering myself as a human being.

Well, it's a first step.

Thanx for letting me pour my thoughts out to yall. Have a nice evenin' now. XD

~Nerdette Ari

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I have come to a decision:

  • post more often, whenever I'm not breaking my back and losing my sanity over summer assignments (which happen to be rather demanding).
  • relax this summer.
  • (The bullet point above may seem contradictory, considering my extensive summer homework, but I'm definitely not attempting to work on that crap ALL the time. However, I am in serious need of some time management skills.)
  • acquire some time management skills. (There we go.)
  • not spend excessive amounts of time on the computer, but instead to work on all internal management there is to be done. That means I'm forcing myself to shut down the iMac within the next ten minutes. T_T
  • get some coffee.
  • (Everybody needs a coffee break once in a while. Unless you're not into coffee; that's good too. It's a decaffeinatedbeverage break.)
  • ...and my most important point is: to post discussions/issues related to the environment. With nerdy flair. Because I'm pretty sure that's what this blog was set out to accomplish in the first place, and we've been hurtin' without our eco-posts. Those, and Blinda's nonsense rants. ^_^
So that's pretty much an outline for what you'll see on the blog this summer. And now that I've delineated for you the general restructuring of "Ze Awesome Nerdettes' Guide to Saving the World" in eye-catching hues, enjoy witnessing the gradual metamorphosis of our blog into the splendiferous monarch butterfly of all blogging sites. In a long winded and formal-sounding conclusion, I thank you.


~Nerdette Ari