Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wow, I am such a nerd...


I got two poems into my school's literary magazine!!! First off, I should probably say this:

I do not write poetry.

I was going to write a short story, but I let procrastination get the better of me and the would-be kick-ass short story never happened. (And I mean, it would've been a kick-ass story.)

They decided to put the only two poems I ever wrote into this tome of creativity and innovation on every level of design--and I just found this out yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like that they valued those two poems enough to put them in, but I looked over the magazine yesterday and they seem really...romanticized; as if I had only been thinking about the ideals--but I guess we all need to look at things that way sometimes. I wish I could show you the cover, but I would probably be infringing on some copyright law and it would SO be worth it for you to just SEE this cover, but I can't put it up. =( Just a tip off, it features an irrelevant yet very well-placed [composition-wise] cow.

Yeah, but the one thing that pisses me off is that they made three typos in my poems. WTF. Now all the words are typed and published and there's no going back, and the geniuses couldn't even check to see if they spelled the word "the" right. Now all that does is make me look bad; but it was NOT mah fault!!! I have the original typed versions in my desktop computer to prove it!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways...

I'm vennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnting my butterflies by typing this up right now (that's what blogs are good for; Blinda has actually set this standard. Try it sometime). There ARE some unbelievably good poems plus artwork in there, and It's really great the way it came together. Maybe I'll get a pen, actually put it to paper, and have a story for next year's that I could put in the running. For now, this is your everyday literary-nerd-in-the-making signing out.

~Nerdette Ari (wishes you an amazing summertime...and the living's easy...)

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