Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Learn to just be still, until you really really know..."

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Regarding this post's title--Janelle Monae is crazy, but she's the man.

In other news--Today, Jason Mraz taught me how to compost. Actually, he gave a link that led to a site that taught me how to compost; it wasn't a face-to-face conversation, me standing a few feet away from the beloved singer/blogger/beginner, where I was graciously receiving his instruction. Yeah, when pigs fly.

Blinda and I did, however, hug John Ondrasik (alias Five For Fighting) a night ago at a free concert. He told us he was a big hugger, and our awesome friend who informed us of the concert got him to autograph her CD. Greg the guitarist was also made of awesome.

It was a great night, where fun was had and great live music was heard by all.

But on the topic of composting in your own backyard, um, yeah, I'm thinking of doing that--I just don't know how well the idea of keeping a heap of decay by the side of the house will go over with my mom. All the same, it's so much greener than throwing away the organic material with the food wrappers in the trash, and not making economical use out of it, so I'm workin' on that.

The same can be said for my progress in Jane Eyre, which, while a good story-driven novel that doesn't melodramatize its depressing sort of tone, is taking for-freaking-ever to finish. The three other assignments I was given this summer will have to wait 'til I finish that really long, really verbose novel.

In other news besides the first tidbits of news--How was your day??????????

(Sergio, that is the one impression of you you will ever see in typed words from me, despite the innumerable impressions you have on me. So suck it [as Natalie would say]).

Yours 'til the sun_dries,

Nerdette Arine (lied to you when she said she would post more often. I entreat you to build a bridge, and get over it)

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