Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hey, So Guess What?!

Nothing. I have nothing to say. This happens to me a lot; I ask someone at lunch, "Guess what?" and when they say "what?" I reply, "Actually, I got nothing." It's rather misleading, is it not?

OMG, so we saw the movie "Push," right, and there was this scream-y guy who was doing something pretty freaky with his eyes and then the lollipop chick got owned by the tiger she prophesied would kill the other girl (I always forget her name). But the best part was when the Nick dude injected himself with soy sauce. Yum.

Also, there's this AWESOME website (it's a MMORPG 'cuz I'm a nerd like that) and the avatar design is amazing (it's the best part) but you also get to shoot monsters which a laser gun and play with your friends. You can find it here at Try it out, but it does shut down my browser occasionally (Firefox) and it might not let your computer run at it's best, so be warned. Otherwise, it's super fun!!! XD

Hey, So Guess What?! I contradicted what I said earlier in this post because I actually did have something to say and, in fact, now this post is quite long. Yeah, that's just how I rizz-oll. Your will never see me type that again. Ever.

~Your biggest fan, Nerdette Ari (actually, that was a lie) ^_^


yes i know i'm beautiful but i'm also a rat said...

ummmm that summary was really confusing...

That's the movie with Dakota Fanning right???

Ari said...

Yep, that's the one! Her character was... kinda weird, but pretty cool at the same time. Most of my last comment was meant 4 Amanda, though, just so u know. I'm not gonna tie ur tongue 2 a telephone pole anytime soon. ;)

~Nerdette Awi :D