Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random List of Irritating Irritations

Many people (such as myself) go through the day thinking, "Man, that irritates me," at various points throughout the day. Of course, it may sometimes be expressed in other ways (expletives!), but I'd like to share with you a list of some everyday (and some not-so-everyday) irritations that piss me off:

  • When some idiot spills clothes-staining ink on you and everyone but him notices :P
  • When suddenly everyone is into this thing that you've loved way before it ever got popular
  • When you get shoved around in the halls and don't get so much as an "I'm sorry."
  • When the waiter/waitress at a restaurant gets your order wrong and you flip out and hold a grudge for three months like Blinda
  • When everything that can go wrong does, and more. And other people are doing just fine at the same thing you're attempting to do
  • When you randomly bump a body part really hard into an unexpected object (it's not funny at first, but it's hilarious later!)
  • When the potato imps steal/drink your orange juice
  • When an inanimate object is causing you some form of distress (e.g. the computer freezes when you're in the middle of typing a report)
  • When people are so obviously posers
  • When nothing is on tv
  • When it's like the whole universe won't let you get this one thing that you really want (or when it seems like the whole universe is against you)
  • And last, but certainly not least: When you're forced to see a really bad movie
Well, I hope you enjoyed this very valid, very useless list and I hope it will help you get through your daily irritations (Note: This list is not a remedy for itching or chafing. You probably need some ointment for that). I'll c u on the flip side!

~Nerdette Ari :P :P :P


yes i know i'm beautiful but i'm also a rat said...

wow you just summed up my life in a series of things that irritates you!!!

any way you forgot

"when you stop in the hallway to pick something up and you don't realize that there's a person behind you that just tripped over you until your friend starts cracking up hysterrically."

You know damn well who this is... said...

...Ari, that just made my day XD. Yes, you are so totally right, things like that ARE annoying/irriting/things that make you mutter to yourself "Just wait till I get Sylar over here..."


It's 1:27 in the morning, so I'm making this short and sweet (okay, not too much on the "sweet" but you get the basic idea)

OH! And you know how you try PWNing me all the time, and say things like, "You are not cool" Well, i have a response to that!

You say I'm not cool. But cool is another word for cold. If I'm not cold, I'm hot. I know I'm hot. Thanks for embracing it.




Anyways (I'm marrying this word in a couple of days...)

if I happen to be one of those irratations on the irritation list, then I'm extremely sorry...I'm not sure what I did, percisely, BUT I'M STILL SORRY FOR IT! (Damn my guilty "conscience" and my desire to please people)


My feet are cold =(

I wish I had Ice to make me warm...

I know he'd probably make it worse...(his name IS Ice...)...BUT MY HERT WOULD MELT, THUS, WARMING UP MY BODY!

So, what did you think of the Science Midterm?

I, personally, thought it was okay.

It was REALLY long, and I left when everyone else had 5 minutes to do the test.

But, I did well on Global, at least. As for the others...well, I'm not sure yet.

By the way...

GAH! I want to tell you something...but I don't want to jinx it...

Hm, I'll tell you anyway

BUT it might not happen (once again, I'm not jinxing it)


a snowday on Tuesday...



Well, i gots to go now.

Have a fun SuperBowl Sunday ;-)

Can't get the thing 2 post!!! said...



*_* said...

Hey Amanda. ^_^ I'm honored that u'd post a comment at 1:27 a.m. (even though it was obviously out of boredom). Your posts r never short or sweet, but that's besides the point. :P Congratulations to the new bride and groom (I c ur marrying the word "anyways")! I hope I'm invited 2 the wedding (cuz if I'm not I'll get a jealous Ice all over ur traitor ass). jkjk :) Please don't hurt me. I'm very sorry about ur cold feet, but the pain probably can't compare to how life-force-draining that science midterm was!!! Honestly, I'm pretty sure I was an undead, sleep walking zombie by the end of it, but I actually got a pretty good grade (it lowered my average though :'-() I did have a very good SuperBowl Sunday, thank u very much, because I spent it procrastinating on this essay that was due 2day that I have 2 retype. Yeah. About that sorry excuse 4 a "pwnage," being "not cool" can also mean lukewarm which is like a nasty bowl of oatmeal that no one wants 2 eat because it's all rubbery cuz it sat there and now it's only lukewarm. (That was a really obnoxious run-on). (I used a lot of parentheses). KK, TTFN, my B.R.O.4.E. (Best Rubbery Oatmeal 4 Ever)!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope u enjoyed my bizarre little comment!

~Ari *_*

Impatient Ari ~_ said...

Hey Isabella, sorry 2 hear that, but ur right, I should've included that one!
AMANDA!!!!!! Where the hell r u?! I'm so bored right now cuz we have the rest of the period free (I'm in Business Computer Applications XD) and u kind of left me when Keyboarding ended. :'-( U better read my above comment 2, cuz I want u 2 c that I called u rubbery oatmeal!!! Hey, so I emailed Vicky my character design and I asked 2 have a gray kitten named Greg as an animal sidekick!!! I heard u asked for a chimp named... uh... Skippy or something. That is SO awesome! Maybe we should ask her 2 make our sidekicks kill/pwn each other to mimick what we do all the time! ;) Um, so, u better comment sometime soon b4 I come over there and rip ur tongue out. Maybe i'll tie it 2 a telephone pole 2. =) I'm gonna comment on ur blog 2, just so ya know!!! TTYL!!!!!!!!!!

~Ari @_@ (is super-bored)

Belinda ♪ said...

OUI!! Je deteste when I'm into something and I think it's only me and I feel superior to people who have no idea what it is, but then all of a sudden they come out with a mew song or a new book and then EVERYONE knows who they are and it makes me seem like I'm a conformist but I was actually into it before everyone else was!! ugh...

and i told the restaurant waitress TWO times what I wanted and she STILL got it wrong!!!!! I think she was upset about her job or something...