Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Welcome to this Week's Nerdtastic Book Discussion. I'm Your Host, Nerdette Jong-Jong. XD

So Blinda told me about this book last year I think, and I was in the middle of shirking my responsibilities when I saw the same book on Amazon.com's list of best teen books of 2008. The book is Paper Towns by John Green. Long story short, it's a book of FABULOCITY and I've read more than Blinda. Haha! :P Go here to check out mooooooooore!!! That's all I can say right now, folks... bell's gonna ring! TTFN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMF-ingG! Post Update:
Finished the book last night and the ending is the best &#$% thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, it's imperative that you read the preceeding content first, but the way it ends with the events and the language and the interwoven themes...! Schist, Bwinda--if you don't finish reading it, you're dead to me. ;) And yes, I'll give you the book back.

~Nerdette Ari ^_^

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