Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mommy, What's the A-lollipop-calypse?

A brilliant question, Little Timmy.

A while ago I mentioned something called a FATAT (Fighting Against the Apocalypse Tip [also a funny sounding acronym]). But how, you ask, are these absurd bits of advice on a small-time blog gonna stop the end of the world from coming?!?! (As a side note: The last FATAT was about brushing your teeth in the shower :))

Obviously, the Apocalypse would hypothetically be caused by the gradual accumulation of so much World-Suck (man, I love the italics button), that the human moral standard would spiral downwards to a level where chaos and manslaughter were rampant across the globe, leading to the general DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!! That's my half-baked theory anyway, but I hope you get my point as to how lowering World-Suck levels will prevent the Apocalypse from happening (or at least through human causes). And at the end of post, you'll find some bonus Mini Anti-Suck Tips for the purpose of entertainment and the understanding of how YOU can decrease World-Suck Levels/prevent the Apocalypse!!!

Why don't we take a dive head-first into what's happening in MY life in this segment of the post??? ;)
Well, it's summer!!, but I'll be spending most of my weekdays in a classroom attending a 6-week(!) Mandarin Chinese/Chinese Culture program. I'll add this to my list of reasons of Why Ari is a Nerd. But hey, I don't really mind, as long as it's sunny and I don't have to see 9 teachers everyday (except for the occasional coincidental sighting at the supermarket. *Shiver*)

"Summer days driftin' away to oh; oh those summer nights..."

Ok so,


When decreasing World-Suck Levels, we must take the state of our environment into consideration, right? Here's a way to save money, reduce waste, and bring down big businesses all-in-one!!!:
  • Instead of buying bulk packages of water bottles, install a water filter in your kitchen sink and buy some reusable water bottles. Now you won't have to dispose of all those empty bottles or constantly worry about buying new ones, and getting a water filter in your household is really easy; just look it up on the internet for more info!!! *Note: Using plastic water bottles of #4 plastic or less aren't good for your health (look that up too, if you like), so make sure it's #5 plastic and up. You can also get a metal one, but I think the Swiss made ones are a rip-off. :(
And now for the Mini Anti-Suck Tips:

  1. Part of the reason why the world sucks so much can be traced back to people's manners. I kid you not; I just don't come across honestly considerate people that often, who are amply aware that other individuals are walking right beside them and respond with common courtesy. And so, this Mini Anti-Suck Tip (Trademark pending! :)) advises you to be more considerate to people, whether it be a random stranger or your close friends and family, because a small gesture like holding a door open or saying "Excuse me" could make a difference in a person's day or remind them to be considerate too. And remember: Wars, racism, and genocide are caused partly by people's lack of consideration of others!! :D

~Nerdette Ari (says ciao 4 now!!!)

P.S. Notice how my posts are getting soooooooooooo long now??? I only get to the computer once in a while and these hybrid, multi-topic super posts are the result!!!


Audrey said...

This post totally brightened my day. *hugs Ari* YAY FOR DECREASING WORLD SUCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness, Ari =D

I miss you =(

How's the program thing going?


Promise me that one day, we'll go around the school bathrooms and ut up post-it notes like that on the mirrors =)

Gotta go, I'm sick, and I need to pack, 'cause I'm going camping tomorrow...

So, I'll talk to you soon! I miss you, Ari!


P.S. Yeah, I know, I sound so unlike myself...but...I don't know...I feel inspired today...

Ari said...

OMFG, Amanda!!! Wow, I love that idea!!! I so totally promise that we'll do that, although I was thinking that we can also write some other stuff like, "Go forth and conquer the world, you nerd!" ;) I followed your link to the Operation Beautiful website, and you are soooo right; it's an awesome and inspiring project! I miss you too Manda, and I hope you haz a very gud camping trip!!! I so hope you feel better and HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY (in 8 days)!!!!!!! The program's going great, I learned some pretty useful/funny stuff! :D But as soon as it's over I'll finally have some time to hang out with you guys (starting from August 14th)!!!!!! Miss you lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Nerdette Ari

P.S. Don't forget to get back to me about the Operation Beautiful post-its!!! ^_^