Tuesday, January 26, 2010



have a French midterm tomorrow. T_T (crying face)


felt like blogging after I read this brilliant post on Jason Mraz's blog, so now here I am; I tell myself I'm looking up music, when all I'm REALLY doing is wasting time on the computer before I have to take that midterm tomorrow. Ugh. Hey guys, did you know that Jason Mraz has a Youtube Channel with insane vids that are hilarious in the randomly-making-no-sense way??? CLICK HERE! Anyway, I just found some of his new songs, (see Ousmane [he's always happy to see you! :D]) and the acoustic ones are really nice. LOL, the title of his blog is really funny because I'm pretty sure he thinks he's gangsta (see the aforementioned link to blog; see also his very "gangsta" song Geek in the Pink, Ousmane's 4th song).

SEE, this is what I do to procrastinate!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, sorry, I shouldn't impose my very human flaws on you now. It's just that I need to explain to myself that when I often go on the computer and 'look up music' or 'look up Pixar movies' (both of which I classify as research), I get stuck surfing the internet for over an hour!!!!!!!!! Then I can't do whatever the heck I'm actually supposed to be doing!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGCCCCCCK

So yeah, at least I got a lot of research about Jason Mraz and James Cameron and the movie "Alien" done because of my procrastination. And I got some great new songs for my iPod! *Thumbs up!* (Yeah, that's my denial acting up) Hey, I also watched "Spirited Away" today. Miyazaki is a creative GENIUS.

So feel free to let me know if you took any of my suggestions from this post (the music/Youtube/movies suggestions, not the procrastination stuff) and/or just leave a comment describing how your day went. Or you can pretend that this webspace is actually your blog, and that you're free to vent as long and as heated as you want to make it. Because mi blogspace es su blogspace, and everyone is free to vent as they please. OMG, I've picked up the cello again and I've vowed to practice almost everyday so I can perfect my piece for All-state which is in the first week of April and I haven't done NYSSMA for 2 years, but this time it's more intense + competitive and I need an accompaniment which could actually sound pretty cool, but I'm just sayin that this is my major dedication for now and I hope I stick strong with it until April and keep improving my work on the music; wish me luck and I wish the greatest fortune to smile upon you and your endeavors--peace out, homeskillets

~Nerdette Ari (who is now sounding like a gangsta poser herself. Isn't that ironic???)

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