Thursday, January 28, 2010

Little Pick Me Ups

What helps to get you through the day?

This morning I look out the kitchen window and see a gentle flurry. I have a toasty-warm waffle for breakfast drenched in sweet syrupy goodness. I remember how I love not having to go to school today.

Once I let Moki outside in the back I stare into the distance, watching the clusters of snowflakes coming down gracefully. Seriously, these are some big snowflakes, and it's like they're coming down to attack me on all sides.

I let Moki back inside where it's warm again, where I can stare out the window on end at the flakes continually falling down until it's time to go to my Math midterm.

The beauty of the flurries, the toasty waffle (XD), and the pleasure I can find in my circumstances at the moment are what make my day; they make it. What will make your day, today?

Some Quick Fun Facts About Nerdette Blinda

  • She calls almost EVERYTHING "sexy." She's very keen to give out her "sexy"s, so that gradually the word "sexy" becomes synonymous with "mildly good-looking," when you're dealing with her. Jeez.
  • She is an overachiever. That's the type of nerd I find her to be. She sets high goals and does a lot of achieving, but isn't always willing to do what it takes to reach some of her goals and gets lazy. Plus, she walks really slow all the time. :P
  • She aspires to be a tattoo artist! How cool is that?! (I just personally hope she really knows what she wants and that she won't get too lazy to do what it takes to get there, leading to a future with no way to support what she would really like to do with her life)
  • She doesn't like getting chewed out, and while I respect this I would like to apply some tough love to her situation. She is completely free to write a similar post, using ME as the test subject. She'll have lots of fun!!! :D
~Nerdette Ari (Don't Forget to Live Long and Prosper!!!)


Bwinda ;) ;P said...

ohhh Arine...
you're so SEXY

Ari said...

LMFAO. I love that smiley, btw. DFTPL!!!!!!!!!! (Don't Forget to Post Later) I'll TTYL!!!!!!!!!!!

~Nerdette Ari

HOLY SCHIST, today's WVOD is "barockin"!!!!! It's like, Barackin' the house!!!!!!!

Dorothy Dora said...

This is so fun! What a great idea. Also I love how authentic you seem to be. Your style and passion for blogging is contagious. Thank you for sharing your life!