Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Belinda from the shmexy art room!!

I'm on Hunter's computer at school!! And a special someone is standing next to me. HAHAHAHAHA.

So in response to the list of quirks Arine has listed about me, here is MY list about her.

- She says she loves thing way too much. Much like my inflation of "sexys", she loves way too many things.
- So, I got a new tshirt! "OMG! I LOVE that!!"
- So, I got a new toy ;) "OMG!! I LOVE that!!"
- So, I decorated my locker " OMG!! I LOVE that!!"
- So, I got a lollipop in the shape of a penis! "OMG!! I LOVE that! Can i lick it?" <-- okay, maybe not the latter question...

- If she doesn't say she loves something, she will be all excited and happy. Even though she is supposed to not care. Like does ANYONE care about what the other person ate for breakfast? NO. But SOMEONE does. * cough* *cough* *ARINE*
Therefore, she is the perfect person to talk to if no one else cares about you and you need to feel accepted back into society and not feel lonely anymore. Because Arine will talk about anything. With anyone. Even if they are talking about the most stupid, pointless thing. She will not laugh out loud in your face like I would. Because she's too nice to do that :P

- Arine is WAY too perfect. Like she's smarter than everyone at school. And she doesn't even admit it. pshhhh. gosh. If you need a tutor for whatever subject your failing, call Arine. She'll probably not only tutor you, but give you the answers to all the previous tests she took <-- Ok, maybe not...
And she won't charge you either. Unlike those ridiculous tutors who are barely out of school and have no idea what they're talking about. Arine is probably smarter than THEM too.

... I can't think of anything off the top of my head right now, since I was pressured to this post RIGHT NOW. But I shall post another list later... or never :P

~ Blinda :D


Ari said...

ROTFLAMAO. This is the first time since I learned that chatspeak term that I have actually rolled on the floor, laughing my ass off. I just keep chuckling as I type this. ^_^ Ok, I love your perspective--and the thing about the lollipop?!?! Like I said, I was LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. So this exposed to me how maddeningly persistent my happy demeanor can be. But having a happy attitude changes your entire approach to life! ^_^ I only talk to people about the mundane parts of life because I'm actually interested in what's going on in their life, because I know what it's like to go through those little insignificant things in life. And at least I'd have something to chat with them about. Oh, and I love so many different things because I happen to find wonder in things like toys and locker decorations that other people don't, for some reason. XD

But that doesn't make me perfect! It makes me more of an overzealous, semi-intelligent squirrel than perfect! (Man, I really hope people have stopped reading our blog by now, cuz I just called myself a giddy squirrel.)

Thanx for your post Bwinda, and I hope to see some more FABULOUS ones in the future!!!


"If you need a tutor for whatever subject your failing, call Arine. "


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