Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Au Revoir, Madame Johnsen!

Blinda and my French teacher retired this year (sob), so I'm commemorating this whole post to our beloved tacher, Mrs. Johnsen. She was always funny, tres energique, and very peppy, although her pep rarely rubbed off on her students. Yet, dedicated students such as Blinda and I, very much appreciated her high spirits, which brightened up our dreary school days, everyday. The conversations in Madame Johnsen's class were, uh, very "memorable." One day we would talk about how a student gave his friend's dog a concussion while jumping on a bed with a baseball bat, and then the topic would drift into her car's anniversary. There were some great times in your class, Mrs. Johnsen, and we'll miss you very much.
~Nerdette Ari
P.S Blinda stinks like a sweaty armpit!

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Ze Awesome Nerdettes said...

It's blinda and me, not I.