Friday, June 20, 2008

H8rs be hating

For some reason, and I don't know how or why, our blog already has a hate blog. These posers be h8ing and think they can out-do Ze Awesome Nerdettes. We'll just keep doin' our thing despite these h8rs and keep providing you with incredibly nerdy info that you never needed to know! We hope you enjoy it! (We honestly don't even have any viewers for them to steal, anyway...oh well!) Yours till the side walks!
~Nerdettes Ari and Blinda


Ghostly Book Worms said...

SEEEE you did change it NOT NICE i was just joking around! I kept it up 1 day and you have to mess it up nice:(

Ze Awesome Nerdettes said...

well, we didn't know that. we saw ur blog and wrote that post. but we wouldn't (and we can't) mess up ur blog like that.

Ghostly Book Worms said...

sorry it just seemed so much like you never mind anyway i over it:)hey i made a new blogg check it out it called
yay it happy and both random