Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our First Encounter

Well, we were at the outlets after Splish Splash the other day, and we had our first encounter with a chinese lady! That spoke chinese with us!! And she was like "do you know where Adias is?" And we were like we have no idea let's get Ariane's mother. But we said it IN CHINESE!! Mwahahaha!!!! I'm so proud of ourselves. And Ariane did her happy dance :P

~Nerdettes BWiNDA!!!!


Ari said...

YEAH, Blinda!!!!!!!!!!

You're on a streak of 2 posts this month!!!!!!!!!!!! And no, that's not sarcasm, seeing that I have the same amount of posts as you... I'm such a bad person!!!!!! :'-(

Wow, talking to members of the Chinese speaking community is super-exhilarating!!! I just wish we had some more people to practice on... hey, when your mom comes back, would it be weird if I practiced my Chinese on her??? Also, I heard if Mrs. Curatola catches us speaking French in the hallways during school we get extra credit stickers!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

I thoroughly enjoyed your post, Bwinda, and I hope there are more soon to come!!!!!!!!! NeverFTBA (and I'll try not to forget, too!)

~Nerdette Ari ^_^

yes i know i'm beautiful but i'm also a rat said...

Hey Belinda, what about that time Hannah told me about? With that guy in the van? Remember? And she told me when we were on our bike ride and we decided that you're now Spanish? Remember??? Oh memories...

Anonymous said...

This goes out to both you and Ari.

*laughs hysterically*


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