Friday, August 14, 2009

Um... Untitled?

This is coming to you at 12:59 A.M. on Saturday the 16th of August... Woohoo!!! It's tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yesterday, being the last day (graduation), had me sort of bummed subconsciously most of the day because I know I'll miss spending time with the AWESOME people from the 6-week Chinese program. I realize it was such a great experience that I just didn't want it to end.

...Of course now I can catch up with the rest of my life, go on the computer for extended periods of time, and get to sleep at a decent hour (like I am right now :P). The story behind that is that I was Nerdfighting and watching Youtube vids all night, and I really wanted to get this post up before bed... AND HERE IT IS!!!


Blinda and I (plus a couple insignificant relatives of mine :P) were walking down the street and I saw the To
kidoki logo and lo and behold: They had a Tokidoki store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But that was only an Awesome Level Rating of 3! XD When we walked inside, it was so much more amazing than I would've ever guessed; there were
skateboard designs, adorable shoes, such cute tees, and the new designs blew my mind. That's like an Awesome Level Rating of 11. So I've only seen the stuff online before and my mom said, "Life's short. Why don't you get a t-shirt?" and O-M-effing-G, I am showing a pic of the one I got.

If you wanna look at some of this guy's (A.K.A. Simone Legno's) other fabulous stuff, either click on the image or click here. There were 2 things in that store that I liked immensely, and this "Women's Ninja Dog" design is one of the best, I swear. ;) I'll put the other design up for the heck of it.

In other news,
well, there isn't actually much left to say, so just check out the new poll right underneath Ousmane. Thank you, and have a nice day. (I know. WTF was that?!?!)

How about: ROCK ON! IT'S SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Nerdette Ari ^_^

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