Saturday, August 29, 2009

Usually I post funny/entertaining/conceptual posts, but this one was just me expressing... stuff. Take it in.

Ever get to that point where a song literally makes you lose control? Where that infectious beat matches the pulse of your blood and you HAVE to scream out the words at the best parts??? Or better yet, if there are no words, you just start drumming or air-guitaring out of nowhere regardless of who's watching?

I wasn't really going anywhere with that, but I wanted to see if any readers have felt the music tearing at their soul too. But today I was thinking about what I said in a post a while back about the partial cause of wars, genocide, and racism. I said that it was lack of being considerate about other people, but now I see that wasn't quite it. I'm pretty sure that it's the lack of seeing the life-force inside each person that makes all us humans equal. It's our spirit inside that all humans have in common and it's what we do with this that sets us apart from other people. So being blinded to the spirit in every person combined with a certain mob mentality (you know, maybe a brainwash in Hitler's case or a common goal like recapturing the Holy Land), people will kill/demean/harm other people.

The notable thing is that I see a mob mentality in other situations too, where people think it's okay to do something as long as other people are doing it too. THE recurring example of that is a fashion trend: maybe Ed Hardy right now, a scarf tied around the neck a certain way. When you see your best friend has 200+ friends on Facebook, you'll friend anyone you get a request from, even though you don't know them. And around the lunch table the conversation turns to a common topic like race, or religion and I'm not even saying that's bad cuz it's offensive, but no one seems to think about the other person's thoughts or if they think it's offensive to bring up the topic in the first place. So I think, "It's probably just human nature for this mob mentality thing to happen." And that's why I'm so passionate about starting something, you know, trail blazing. Also going my own way by starting something new. So it's individuality that's hopefully going somewhere, and I don't care if it catches on as a trend or not. Hey!, this leads to today's FATAT:

  • Start/find/recreate something you can dedicate yourself to. It can be a club, a physical project, a band, a Youtube vid, a hobby, or if you're REALLY enthusiastic, a fetish. Something that you're passionate about--make it happen. You can stick to it and add to it over the years, set a goal and take it somewhere. Listen, you might not know where it'll fit in your life 20 years from now, but I'm sure you'll find a place for it. And don't worry: If you're really passionate about it, you won't forget. Who knows where it could take you?

Tonight I decided to go with kind the self-expression blogging where you vent; I hope you don't mind the change of pace. ;)

~(Yours truly,) Nerdette Ari

P.S. I learned some of these concepts by being introduced to (and by that I just mean listening to a recording of) this guy named Eckhart Tolle. Please google him if you're interested.

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