Sunday, December 13, 2009


tokidoki Fedora with Leo Band - tokidoki

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Need I say more?

P.S. How awesome would it be if I could wear that thing????????

~Nerdette Ari XD


Beedle the Bard said...

Oh Arine... What else would it be called? Nerd day! And it shouldn't be on Pi day, because then it would subtract from Pi's attention. And Pi needs that extra attention.

Ze Awesome Nerdettes said...

You know what, I completely agree with you. Pi DOES need special attention, otherwise it could get ugly. ;) It should definitely be called Nerd Day and it should be on... hmm, I know Geek Day is the day when the first Star Wars movie came out (March 25th, says Wikipedia). I think it should either be Albert Einstein's birthday--HOLY CRAP, NO! OMG, NO WAY! I just checked Wikipedia and it says that Einsteins b-day was 3/14/1879!!!!!! Can that be for real?!?! Anyway, thanx so much for your comment and I'm sure we'll find the best day for Nerd Day!!!

~Ari (NOT, in a million years, Arine XD)

Beedle the Bard said...

How about on the day before midterms or finals? So we can celebrate our awesome nerdiness right before important tests? No, then we'd just have nerd parties and not get up to any studying. Not that I study anyway, but other people might have to. Yeah. So. How about a date when there hasn't been vacation for a while and we need a break? So sometime in the spring? I would look it up, but I'm "working on my English project". (That means procrastinating heavily while in my sweat pants and a tee with a Snuggie on and sporting unbrushed hair and a laptop on my lap. And watching my dog sleep.)