Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ma Graphix

This is for you Amanda:
Hope you like. If any revisions are desired, please let me know. I know it's been 5,250,600 min. or something since you first requested it (and you may not even remember asking for it) but here it is! For more insanely awesome icons like this one, click here! They're all by moi and requests are open!!!
~Nerdette Ari
P.S. AAAAAAAAAAARRRGH! The Opera-singing baboons are on a psychotic rampage! Help meeeeeee-
*i died*


yes I know I'm beautiful but I'm also a rat said...

Ok so I found the soundtrack to my life! The song is 'Creep' by Radiohead. (The clean version)

Yayayayayay!!!!! Did I win the contest????

yes I know I'm beautiful but I'm also a rat said...

Hey did you guys see my Twilight htingy yet? It's buried under like, a thousand new posts so don't go assuming it isn't there.


Ari said...

Awesome! I'm gonna go listen to/ look 4 that stuff now, so TTYL! And maybe you can persuade Blinda to post on the blog again. With force, if necessary. ^_^
~Nerdette Ari!

Bwinda!!! said...

Well, I did post. teehee...

Amanda said...

YES! OMFG! OPERA-SINGING BABOONS LIVE ON! (*My eyes start twinkling and tears begin to form...*) It's so...beautiful...

TANK YOU AWI! (intended mis-spelling on "Thank")

I haz a BIG happee =D

Don't worry, I remembered that I asked, YOU MUST'VE BEEN BORED! LOL! XD

Sorry I haven't commented in a while =( My computer is blocking me from going on the, I haven't been able to do anything online for the past week. ALTHOUGH, MIRACULOUSLY, IT STARTED WORKING YESTeRDAY! OF course, it could've only been working temporarily...I dunno. But it's being stupid. It's so annoying, that I almost threw it out my window after spending hours on trying to fix it.

Not to mention I was sick yesterday...=(


Ochay dochay, well I'm in Keyboarding right now, and the bell is going to ring soon, so I gotta go. BUT, if the bell doesn't ring, I PROMISE I WILL RETURN! YEYEYEYYEYEY!