Friday, November 14, 2008

Musical Biscuits

I have now officially become addicted to my iPod and the music on it. It's sad because every waking moment of my life is spent listening to my Paramore songs, my new playlist that I call "Biscuits" that has all my fave songs on it, or downloading new stuff from iTunes. I also bought a couple of music vids, but I really don't pay attention to them as much (I bet they feel neglected :( ). So, I'm typing up my first playlists (if you don't mind me borrowing your awesome idea, Bwinda) with all my fave songs from "Biscuits" and also some songs that I am obsessed with from Paramore. Enjoyz!!!
  • Sk8r Boi- Avril Lavigne
  • Stuck to You- Hellogoodbye
  • Unfaithful- Rihanna
  • Dirty Little Secret- All-American Rejects
  • Viva la Vida- Coldplay
  • Fences- Paramore
  • Yesterday- The Beatles
  • Etc., etc.
Paramore's Best:
  • That's What You Get
  • Misery Business
  • Crushcrushcrush
  • Fences
  • Born For This
If you're a crazed Paramore fanactic too, feel free to let me know! I'm not as scary as I sound... I tend to be much worse! ^_^
~Nerdette Ari

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Ari said...

Yeah. I'm commenting from my Keyboarding class rite now which is at least better than u, Blinda. U never post anymore. :'( Anyway, Amanda, if u c this in ur Keyboarding class, reply!!! Ok. Paramore rox. I'm out.