Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bike Riding to the Beach!! (Ariane ditched us)

Bonjour, C'est moi! For once... So, we went bike riding to the beach last Sunday and I was SOOOO happy! Ariane only came with us about 1/4 of the way there, and then ditched us to do spend more time with her homework. We took the bike path through the park to the beach and the scenery is sweetness! The ocean was really cold though. My toes were about to freeze off. Teehee. I want to ride there every week during the summer :)

Of course I know certain people will refuse will join me EVERY week, so I probably won't get to go every week because I'm afraid to go by myself :(

Righ now, I'm going to start counting down the days until school is over. Then I will be FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! Teehee

~Belinda ♥

Are you happy NOW, Arine?? I finally posted a REAL post? teehee i still love you...


Spaz said...

There are 3 messages in this comment that will be separately directed towards different people...

I have no clue if any of that made sense, but it's not like you're that great on G.P.S. (Which, now stands for Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling) anyway. SO THERE!

Ari: Woot! =D I officially nominate you as the awesomenest nerdette out there! ^-^ I love your philosophy on nerdism and the list of what makes YOU a nerdette. ;-) Pure awesomeness right there. It was so amazing, that it (unintentionally) PWNed me. *Pats you on the shoulder* You should feel proud.

Bwinda: Well, I was going to comment this on the other post--but since I'm a lazy ass, I'm not obligated to do so. =P. Sick, you guys went on the bike path to Jones Beach...I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS OPENED! *huffs* Go figure, everytime my cousin and I went there, the second bridge was always closed...Life just isn't fair. XD Anyways, WOW BELINDA! *Stuttering in shock* Y-You actually p-posted something! *Whistles impressively* If you ever go down to Jones Beach again, maybe I'll see you (like how we coincidently saw each other at Friendly's). My grandma lives down the block from Cedar Creek Park...and I practically LIVE at my grandma's house, and I meet up with my cousins over there all the time...it has its advantages =).

By the way...

SHAME ON YOU, ARI! >=( BOOSHA! BORGH FLOBIN (Translation for those who are completely clueless as to what those words mean and can't decipher it's meaning on their own:

Boosha- Shame on you!
Borgh Flobin- This is pretty much a chastising gesture, if you get what I mean)

Issy (*Sighs in annoyance* I'm resisting the temptation to write "Izzy". Just thought you'd know): Okay, a couple of things before I say anything.

1) YOU NEED A GET A BLOG!!!!!!!! You totally deserve one!

2) Despite your (and anyone else's) protests, I will always think that your hair looks longer. MUA HA HA!

3) I gave that advice to my brother...he didn't listen to me =P Not that he ever listens to anything I say--I only figured that MAYBE he'd listen to me since I was relaying some hints and pieces of advice onto him. *Sighs* Eh, I don't care about his well-being. I know I'm a cruel person, but if you lived with this horrible monster as a brother, you'd hate your life, too.

XD Anyways...(That should be my signature word, or something...I love saying "Anyways". Such an intriguing phrase to get off topics...)

Yeah, we're totally sueing Jimmy P. (James Patterson) if he dares to kill off Fang. (I know I keep bringing this subject up...but that's my objective in life: Rant, ramble, repeat. The three R's [and, no, I don't mean the school's three R's, like Respect, Reflect...and I don't the other one...quite frankly, I don't care. XD] It's as if I'm some robot [I pray dear Lord, I'm not] programmed to those three things...)

*Clears throat*

You should feel speial (Intending misspelling). Not only did I write a longer post for you, but I gave you TWO hugs instead of one, the other day. >=). Realize it; know it; Brag about it. ;-)


Platinum looks so awesome...I wish I could get it =P. At least I have Diamond =) And all the "oldies" which, are "cool" in their own special way. (My favorite's Sapphire)


I got to go. =P

BYE PEEPS (I can't believe I just said "Peeps"...that is so cliche, and...ick...It makes me think of marshmellow chicks [FYI: I hate those marshmellow Peeps. I don't know HOW the heck people can eat those things...BUT IT'S GROSS!] Sorry if I'm offending you, by calling you a marshmellow chick covered in vibrant-colored sugar that everybody likes to eat on the Easter holiday...*Makes a disgusted face* Ew...does that make people cannibals?)

WOV (If you've been keeping up with my comments, you'd comprehend what this stands for): spenne

My Comments on it: ...a spine made out of Penne pasta? Jeezums, how does the person live?

What are you talking about? I AM THE GRAMMAR QUEEN!!! said...

Hey Manda!!!!!!!!! Wow, that comment has to be ur longest comment yet!! That means you've achieved a new Ze Awesome Nerdettes Record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! W00t w00t!!!

Btw, BEWARE: I'm using chatspeak in this comment cuz I've resisted the urge 4 quite some time now. Thank u very much 4 that pat on the back and ur acknowledgement of the unintentional pwnage. Also, u remember Jasper the Ninja from Friendly's, correct? Well, he and I are motivated to establish a federation of Peep-loving Humans/Plastic Ninjas because you dissed them in ur comment! I mean, they're fluffy marshmellows covered in COLORED sugar. We love them, and we wouldn't even mind becoming Peeps (Reference to ur comment). Btw, I'll show Issy ur amazing comment; I'm sure she'll enjoy it!!!

Today's WVOD is:


which sorta looks like an anagram of "Manduh" without the "d"!!! It also reminds me of "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Lol, "Jimmy P." I really like ur list of the 3 R's. :D And a spine made out of Penne pasta? Genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the "spenne" was once the spine of a pasta dinosaur.

~Ari ^_^

Anonymous said...

Awesome person that is speial,
Moki is now attacking Ari--
OMF*G, he just climbed up on the dining room table!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats, Moki... Your first attacking! And it was on Ari, too! I am thinking about that I may be thinking about that I might think about possibly thinking about making a blog.

*F= fun!!!!!!!!!