Friday, May 22, 2009

Nerdism, Part I (Heh, heh) ^_^

Howdy, nerdettes!!!
(By the way, even if you're a guy and you read our blog [i.e. If you're reading this sentence right now] you're considered a nerdette. Embrace it)

Um, yeah, I'm sorta bored and I also want to tell the world why the nerd is such a powerful symbol of awesome and what being a nerd means to me (Aw, so heartfelt!!). But really, there's a reason nerds across the globe suffer the injustice of bearing incredible mental capacity, yet are hardly ever recognized for their brilliant talents.

But the good thing is, nerdism (The physical state or philosophy of being a nerd) is almost completely socially accepted in today's culture. I mean, everywhere I go I hear in conversations, "Yeah, I know, I'm such a nerd!" (AND NO, I'M NOT EAVESDROPPING!!). :P And of course, John & Hank Green (or Hank & John, if you prefer) have enormously helped along this change of place in society for nerds (Now we're higher up on the totem pole; thanks guys!!!). But what really makes nerds so awesome and way better than any other high school stereotype out there???

My answer to this pressing question is that nerds have used their awesome brain power for good, in classroom situations and in social situations, and have made others realize that us nerds are a powerful force to be reckoned with. For example, Manga and Animé (Japanese comics and animation) Nerds are no longer just the quiet little nerds reading their stupid, childish foreign comics and drawing people with weird eyes. We are skilled and talented manga/animé artists that caught on to today's trends way before anyone else and know way more about than Pokémon than you, so there.

My efforts in supporting nerdfighteria at its awesomest include:
  • Wearing creative outfits that mix and match styles, never conforming to the social clothing norm, that show I don't have to have a brand name on my shirt to wear great outfits AND be a nerd at the same time (This also rids nerds of the "You guys have no sense of style" stereotype. Try it out sometime)
  • Joining chess clubs, going to Comic Cons and Animéfests, and reading nerdy books without giving a d@#* about what haters will think
  • Conducting myself with confidence in social situations--not mumbling, having my own opinions, demonstrating good communication skills--which shows that nerds know what they're talking about (This one sounds really nerdy, doesn't it Blinda? ^_^)
  • Drinking an awesome-shake every morning (Some people drink protein shakes, I get my daily serving of awesome. It's what nerds do)
And you too can do these and more to support something that is bigger than all of us. This something will have a huge impact on life as we know it, nerds and non-nerds alike. This momentous concept will be... discussed in the next post, so sit tight until then and DFTBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD ^_^ :D

~Nerdette Ari (loves using parentheses so much, if she had a brownie for every parenthesis she used in this post, she would be on a sugar-high for the next 5 months)

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