Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gotta Love the Internet!

Here's why:

Stuff like this amazing project brings the world closer together.

The lady with the yellow umbrella is a writer named Amy Krouse Rosenthal and the fact that she did what she did in the video above proves that we can just up and create something with dozens of people. Loved that video. I love this one too; the music in both of them is great!!!:

Lovely is beckoning the people of the world to create something together. And "lovely" isn't the only thing beckoning; how about poverty, compassion, world hunger, equality, and the aspiration of living life to the fullest? Can't all of us do this all the time? Only you judge what you're willing to contribute part of your life force to. But I suggest you take the progressive route and choose to do something you care about with people you care about (um, and I hope you're not putting what I said into a suggestive context). Take your lead from the "Beckoning of Lovely" project.

Peace out, I'm a Nerdette who needs her friggin' sleep!!!!! And hope you like the new layout!!!

~Nerdette Ari

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