Sunday, October 4, 2009

What the Hell Happened?!...

Well, we ate some yummy food at Mooncakes, saw some psychedelic optical illusions, and had one hell of a time at Anime Fest. Over the last week or two, that's what was up. And so, here's Nerdette Ari's take on it:

A few of my friends and I (including Blinda and our sisters) went to Anime Fest on the 26th, and it was pretty friggin' awesome. Needless to say, it was filled with cute and Japanese-y goodness, most notably all the amazing merchandise--I bought these buttons (they're to die for XD) and a couple adorable cell phone charms. But one of the highlights was definitely all the homemade costumes and cosplays we saw people walking around in (cosplays are when people dress up as their favorite characters!!). And now, here's Ari with coverage on Mooncakes and SonicVision!!!

(I iz such a nerdette, pretending I'm a newscaster) There's this amazing restaurant my mom heard of somewhere on TV, and it's called Mooncake Foods, specializing in "Fun Casual Asian Comfort Food." We went and it blew away my expectations, cuz there were some awesome flavors there I'd never tasted before. And it was good. Then the SonicVison thing was an optical illusion show set to music in a planetarium, which also blew away my expectations by how cool and graphic and slightly nerdy it was. So, if you've been hooked by my subliminal advertising in this last paragraph, click here for Mooncake Foods and here for SonicVision.

I've got nothing left to say,
but I hope you enjoy your day!!!

~Nerdette Ari

P.S. Blinda, feel free to edit this post and add your input!!!


yes i know i'm beautiful but i'm also a rat said...

Hmm.... Some people have awfully strange definitions of "subliminal"...

Man-da! said...

Bwinda and Awi:


Enough said.



Awesome post! Hope the tennis match went well ;-D

~Amanda, who wishes she could make this longer, but can't because she's leaving in five minutes.

Ari said...

LOL, Isabella!!! You're so right; the irony of my statement didn't even occur to me! Thanx Amanda, and those websites are so frikkin' pointless, yet so filled with awesome. You HAVE to see this video; the part about DJ Railstone is MADE OF AWESOME:

Then go to her Facebook page at this url

just to see how much Nerdfighters pwn. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!