Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Chillin', My Dog, and YouTube

Three giant topics, all squashed into 1 concise post- convenient, right? Well, Blinda went off 2 tennis camp again and I'm left at my house doing nothing. I'm perfectly fine with that, though, because a good dose of boring can do a person good after a stressful week. BTW, here's a pic of my puppy Mochaccino (Moki 4 short). He's a 1 and 1/2 year old Yorkshire Terrier.

Adorable, right? ^_^

I'm also gonna post some of my fave YouTube videos in my next post! (They take up a lot of space). They're awesome! And nerdy! Stay tuned!
P.S. Check out my awesome quiz, "How Deranged Are You?", which is a few posts down! TTYL!!!!!!
P.P.S (Heh, heh) Blinda answered "yes" to 5 out of 6 questions and is OBSSESSED with Dever, our friend's sister who's in college. Yes Dever, you should be disturbed.
~Nerdette Ari

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