Monday, July 14, 2008


Yay for Dever!! She is, like, the coolest old person ever!!! After awi, of course. ;) Jk, awi's only like 50.

Dever is cool because:
* She knows all of my cool, FAVORITE bands!!
* She knows all of the cool, AWESOME movies that i want to watch.
* She is not afraid to express her individuality ( like me)
* She is sooooo cool
* She is friends with Trent's sister.
* She has cool piercings that my parents won't let me get
* But she'd be even coolER is she highlighted her hair silvery.
( I wanted to highlight my hair silvery, but my parents won't let me:(
cuz they're control freaks)

I wuv you dever and awi,

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