Saturday, July 12, 2008

Take the "How Deranged Are You ?" Quiz!

How Deranged Are You???

Wouldn't it be fun to see how messed up you and your friends are? Well now you can with this quick and easy quiz! Be careful not to hurt yourselves and have fun! (Results may vary and/or be completely false).

Have you ever:

  • Shouted angrily at random strangers in a language only you can understand?
  • Painted yourself red with small yellow dots, put on a green beret, and yelled, "I'M A BANANA!!!"?
  • Claimed that inanimate objects were your "friends"?
  • Had a little voice inside your head tell you what to do? (Sorry Amanda and Maximum Ride).
  • Put toppings on already perfectly good ice cream?
  • Recieved concerned/scared/nervous stares from passerby, friends, or family?
If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are, in fact, deranged. I send my sympathy. ^_^ See the chart below for your rating on the "Derangement Scale"!

The Derangement Scale
-If you answered "yes" to 1 question... You are fairly deranged, though not yet in need of medical attention.
-If you answered "yes" to 2 questions... You are quite deranged and your friends have probably already noticed.
-If you answered "yes" to 3 questions... You are deranged to the point of being scary. You must be lonely. ;)
-If you answered "yes" to 4 questions... You are severely deranged. People may call the cops at the sight of you, so I suggest you learn to run really fast.
-If you answered "yes" to 5 questions... ALERT THE MEDIA! You're deranged enough to be on the news and displayed like a zoo monkey!
-If you answered "yes" to 6 questions... I'm sorry, but there's no help for you. :( You can make a living as a hermit, a clown, a hobo, or some other display of pity. Or you may become a revolutionary mad genius- complete with fame and fortune! Congrats, my newest and closest deranged friend!

(This quiz was created by Nerdette Ari and may not be used without permission or credit. This will be enforced to the highest extent with the help of all the strong and important people Ari knows. Thank you!)

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