Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Embarassing Story

So, I was at Friendly's and I was waiting for my friend in the bathroom(outside the stall). And I picked up a roll of toilet paper. Then one of my favorite songs(So Happy together by the Turtles) came on. So I began singing(shouting) the lyrics of the song because there was no one else in the bathroom except my friend and me. And then, all of a sudden, one of my classmates opened the bathroom door and there was me shouting with a toilet paper roll in my hand. Yeah, that's not embarassing...

Turns out, she had to wait for her sister and we had an akward conversation. And I knew she was TRYING to be nice and not burst out laughing or stare at the roll of toilet paper in my hand, but could tell she was going to tell all her friends and I would be ridiculed at school. :(

It's okay, I'll survive. :(



Ze Awesome Nerdettes said...

(Ari bursts out in uncontrollable laughter) And that's all that needs to be not-said. ^_^

jordan13 said...

So yeah...tom sings lead vocals and plays the guitar in angels and airwaves...he's awesome!