Friday, August 15, 2008

Frank sucks...

Frank Sucks. He is so mean to me. Because he yelled at me for stepping on the stupid pretzels that he threw on the grass and told ari and me that we could step on them to break them up and then a few seconds later he's yelling and saying that he always has to raise his voice. I wanted to shout some expletives at him and punch him in the face but there were little kids around. I hate him. And he has no life and he hates little kids. He sucks (insert expletive). Go (insert expletive) yourself, Frank. I don't (insert expletive)in' care what you think, or say for that matter.

~ Nerdette Blinda

1 comment:

coolbeenz said...

blinda!!!!!! i hope frank doesnt see this...... lol! i didnt know you were so violent!!!!!