Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tennis Camp tomorrow, Chess Tournament!!

My final week of tennis camp starts tomorrow, and on TUESDAY is the Chess tournament at the library. I completely forgot until about a few days ago. So I have to go practice...

And I still have to do my summer reading... I have absolutely NO IDEA how to do the essay. Sucks for me :(

I joined the summer reading club at the library along with ari ( such a nerdy activity), but I didn't get to do even one review yet. I just started the free book, Sold. I skipped to the good part first, if you know what I mean. But the beginning is pretty cool.

So, for those of you who forgot, chess tournament's on TUESDAY.
And I don't know if Hannah told him, but I signed Jake up for the tounament, too, so I hope he comes. But I think he would find out because I gave them his phone number.

~nerdette blinda :)

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