Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bwinda loves Billy Bob Thornton

Did anyone watch Eagle Eye? Wasn't Agent Morgan (Billy Bob Thornton) so hot? Well, I thought he was :)

~Nerdette Bwinda


coolbeenz said...

i believe its thornton

NOT tornton

o back to my opinion...

hes OLD!!! and sont try to throw that comment back at me y saying <3 johnny depp <3 is old cuz hes only 45

our OLD friend billy bob is 53 and hes ugly.

and im not using apostrophes.

mugglenerd said...

Says the girl who is in love with a freaking SERIAL KILLER!! Pfft! Yes, Blinda, in case you can't tell, Sylar is (does really bad Stan Shunpike impression) a murderer!
P.S.- Stan Shunpike is a Harry Potter character, in case you didn't know, hmph!

coolbeenz said...

awww didnt u see the new heroes mugglenerd?

sylar has a son and is claire's uncle!
which means that mrs. petrelli is the mother of peter, nathan, and sylar.
which also means that claires mom is the petrelli brother's sister in law.
which also means that sylar's son is claires first cousin
which also means they have a VERY confusing family.....
so that justifies blindas crush on sylar.

(in order of cuteness) suresh, peter and nathan are WAY cuter tho..... so is hiro