Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Still Can't Type

So, I'm posting from my Keybording class right now, and guess what? I still can't type. Well, it's still only the 1st day, and so far all we know how to type correctly are the words "fad, as, dad, jak," and "lass." So I've got a ways to go. BTW, Blinda, everything that comes out of your mouth is WRONG. Just had to let you know. K, bell's about to ring, so TTYL!!!
~Nerdette Ari


spaz said...

hey ari! im in keyboarding too! ..but i can see the keyboard so AHHHAHAHAHHHAHAHHHA!


coolbeenz said...

ok the answer to that question on ur quiz is 1250!!!!! calculators are always wrong blinda! u should know that by now!!! but ur a turtle and turtles are slow so i guess u wouldnt huh.... u should put a followers thing on ur blog.... byaz!