Saturday, September 6, 2008


So, I go on YouTube to find music videos of artists and stuff like that but I found this new channel called Parlophone. It's a record company (the one with Coldplay and Babyshambles,etc) and it has really great music videos because some of the videos for Coldplay (the ones that pop up first) are incomplete (like the Trouble video) but on Parlophone they are!!!!!

So I'm REALLY excited.
And there's tons of record labels on YouTube (including UniversalMusic), but I like Parlophone the best!!!!! :)

Bwinda :)

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Anonymous said...

BELINDA! OMG! ITS AMANDAAAAAAAA!!(i am once again in keyboarding) *but this time i can actually SEE the keyboard ;] HAHAHAHAHAHA)

You know what, since I have nothing better to do when I get home, I'm going to look up those songs on the playlist you made, go on youtube (well, that's to watch stick figures on crack, but u get what i mean), and maybe pick some exploding daises from my garden that will estroy the wrath of the scary looking barbie dolls! HAHH! Oops! thats the bell! BYE!