Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Playlist 9-02-08 (In no particular order)

1. Everybody Hurts by R.E.M
2. Radio Nowhere by Bruce Spingsteen
3. When I come Around by Green Day
4. Broken by Lifehouse
5. Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin
6. Hey Jude by The Beatles
7. Hotel California by The Eagles
8. You Shook Me All Night Long by Ac/Dc
9. Message in a Bottle by The Police
10. The Pretender Foo Fighters
11. You Only Live Once by The Strokes
12. You Picked Me by A Fine Frenzy
13. Supersonic by Oasis
14. Gotta Get Thru This by Daniel Bedinfield
15. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard

~Nerdette Bwinda~


Anonymous said...

Hey Bwinda, you forgot Crush by David Archuleta(^-^)
BTW, I found something cool for you and Awi to put on the blog- go to www.mugglenet.com. There's a counter thingie on the top of the home page until Half Blood Prince that has a link to post it on your webpage. And, in case you didn't know who this was from those two comments, it's Teresa (who sadly does not have a blog of her own yet...) ~8 )

Ze Awesome Nerdettes said...

Hey Teresa!!!! BTW, Blinda, u should've put "Welocome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance. Bye!

Anonymous said...

OMG BWINDA! I LOVE LED ZEPPELIN AND YOU HAVE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN YEYEYEYEYEYEY! mua ha ha. im in keboarding...again...(seems like my computer at home isnt interesting enough) HEHEHEHHE

so0o0o0o, yeah, i really should be doing some type of keyboarding lesson, but, i finished early...and im really bored, SO HERE I AM! YEY ME! And i also love message in a bottle (that was in guitar hero 2...and my parents are fond of the police, so yeahhhhhhhhhh)

gotta log off now! BY