Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bonjour et Bonne Annee!!!

I figured I'd ring in the new year with some French, then go into some random topic that no one but me cares about! Yea boi ^_^

I found the blog of C H Greenblatt (creator of "Chowder," did voice 4 Fredfred Burger[!!!], did storyboards 4 Spongebob) while surfing the web and I was thrilled to b able 2 share it with the nonexsistent people/mushroom creatures who read our blog! I had no idea he even had a blog, and guess what it's called?! NERDARMADA!!!!!!
O-M-G! (Go to, then click second link box)
I found some really funny Spongebob comics in the older posts, too; maybe I'll post 'em. But his blog doesn't allow comments and I'm crying on the inside. :P And if you've never seen the show "Chowder" b4, don't tell me because it's possible that I would hunt u down.

In other irrelevant news, I put up an awesome music player (super-kawaii!) and some of our fave songs r on it. The only things that annoyed me were that there's no volume gauge and it's hard to tell what the song is called :(, but enjoy anyways! Btw, Bwinda, I'm so glad that u finally posted and let the world know that u resolve to b less lazy in the new year. ;) I respect that. And that wasn't sarcasm.
Happy 2009 everybody, and I look forward to killing you in the new year!!! (Jk; reference to "Ask a Ninja") TTYL!!!!!!!!

~Nerdette Ari @_@

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B-E-L-I-N-D-A 0_o O_0 o_O said...

I LOVE THE NEW MUSIC PLAYER!!! IT'S SO CUTE!!!!! AND... no one likes spongebob...

jkjk :)

Bwlinda <3